Who we are

We are a niche marketing agency, specializing in marketplace management for brands, manufacturers and resellers. This means we devote ourselves to help you to sell as much products on e-marketplace as possible. The TPA team applies decades of e-commerce experience to successfully manage our client's marketplace accounts. Today we have over 20 employees (and still growing).

E-commerce is complicated and ever-evolving, and e-marketplace success requires pretty specific knowledges and skills. We work hard to help our brand partners to get educated on all-things e-marketplace, and to help them achieve their marketplace specific goals.


We're transparent with our brand partners and clients.


We're responsible. We do what we say we're going to do.


We're strategic, and focused on the long-term cooperation.

What we do

Our goal is to collaborate with brands and use our marketplace knowledge and resources to execute a brand's purpose and vision.


We analyze your brand online and build сlearly defined and customized marketplace strategy that is scalable over time. We build out customized campaigns that fit your needs based on real analytics.


Today millions of customers are shopping on e-marketplace. Let us take our experience on the e-marketplace and put your brand in the position to grow. Here are just a few of the many tools we use: Google Adwords, Amazon PPC, Keyword Planning and SEO, Facebook advertising.


Determine “who” and “why” when it comes to third-party sellers on the marketplace. Not only do we strictly adhere to all MAP pricing agreements, but also we work with you and teach you our proprietary methods for eliminating offenders from your listings on e-marketplaces.


Taking time to create high-quality, original content has proven to increase sales dramatically. Using a mixture of technology, creativity, and professional experience, our team of copywriters produce product titles, bullet points, descriptions, and keywords for each specific product.

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